Thank you!

This is to thank you for your generous contribution to Noah's Books & Balls for Africa. Without you, this project would not have been possible. Here's what your donations paid for:

Solar Panels and Batteries

  • Power 8 classrooms and 11 offices
  • Allow teachers to prepare class work and grade examinations and papers without being restricted to daylight hours.
  • Help students and teachers access the internet, giving them unlimited access to technology and information to enhance learning.


  • Over 1000 books, including encyclopedias allow students and teachers to do research.
  • These books include story books written in Swahili, allowing students to immerse themselves in stories before they have learned English.

Soccer Balls

  • One dozen soccer balls with air pumps for recreation and fitness.

White Boards & Markers

  • Called "Magic Boards" in Tanzania, white boards provide an invaluable aid to learning.

Book Sales to Benefit Misigyo Primary School


This beautiful book, Kenya & Tanzania, with photographs by Fernando Ramos, will provide an ongoing income stream to the school through sales at gift shops in Kenya and Tanzania. 100% of proceeds go directly to Misigyo School.

I know you will make a big difference in the lives of these children, and your own life will be enhanced, too! Happiness can reach across the oceans and all of our lives will be enriched by generosity.

Thank you! Asante!